45 Lessons in Life

In 45 Lessons in Life, published by He Yan in November 2009, number 38 is the one that followed me off the pages and has hung around in “my head” for the past year. Its simple. You could easily blow right by it in favor of some of the more bold proclamations that are on the list. For me, it is ethereal depth of a few simple words, arranged in perfect order.

“All that Truly Matters in the End is that You Loved”.

My wife and I went to a benefit jam that a good friend of mine was hosting. This is a grassroots effort that my friend started 2 years ago. The recipient this year was the Orangewood Children’s Home.

This was also the first date night for my wife and I in 10 plus years. Two of my close male friends have urged me to court my wife again to win her back. The idea sounded old fashion and awkward to me, but I really would like to have the love again that my wife and I once shared. So, carrying bags of clothes, several toys and cash from a quick dash to a Liquor store ATM next door to the Pub, my wife and I commenced upon our date night.

I was happy to unload $100 for raffle tickets because it was going to the right place. Equally, it also flared my gambling ways of late. Announced shortly afterward by our host, anyone buying $25 or more of raffle tickets would be eligible for a poem, commissioned from one of his friends in the crowd that had the gift of poetry. All we had to do was tell him a few short snippets about our life.

When I walked over to introduce myself to Mike, I blurted out that I am here tonight courting my wife. Over the loud pitch of the music that had begun to play, Mike looked a little bewildered because he thought I had said “I am here tonight to divorce my wife”. When we cleared up that communication and I provided a little background and the link to my blog site, I eagerly awaited Mike’s poem. The poem arrived yesterday. I told Mike that, whatever he wrote, I would post his poem into my blog. Here is what Mike wrote.

We could be a father, mother, husband, wife, child or only a friend
Sadly you have no ideas if we will cross and become a member of the one in ten
Very little warning of even of when
Only the stark reality of chaos we send
We affect one in three or maybe one in four
As we quickly descend to lower and lower floors
Whether by social and emotional pressure or genetic design
Either sooner or later we cross the line
As fortunes, family, honesty is quickly lopped
Too late, so difficult to recover to try to stop
It is a fatal cunning disease, new lepers of the day
Sad, sad, when you see the stumble and sway
All the more reason to applaud and cheer
When you meet an open man who has given up the wine and beer
Alcohol burns very intense, lights up the sky
But romance, honesty, integrity snuffed out, linger and then die.
In a world of days, 5 years merits the designation of ace
To kindle the trust and love, romance and grace.
A brave man opens his heart to disclose
A wife coming back to be the recipient of an honest rose.

Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
2011 ©

I leave on an early flight to Seattle in the morning. A rose and a poem await my wife downstairs.

Author: iceman18

For many years, I worked hard to build a charmed life. I had been living that life to the fullest until the time came when I took a precipitous fall into the abyss of alcoholism. Unwittingly, I claimed my family as hostages and took them right along with me. I survived addiction and have been in recovery since February 9, 2007. Since that time I have been working courageously to face down "the ghost" and eliminate the demons of my past. I find that writing My Story has had great therapeutic value. If along the way, my experience can help one person, or maybe even more, well....that would be pretty awesome. I also pray that my blog will help illuminate the generational cycle of child abuse that continues to plague our society today. By bringing awareness to what is often called "Our Nations Shame" I have faith that one day soon we will witness real progress toward the illumination and understanding of child abuse, followed by its eradication from the under belly of mankind. I have faith! But, faith without works is dead. I pray everyday for the strength, the courage, and the resolve, to take action!

3 thoughts on “45 Lessons in Life”

  1. I’d really like a follow up to this! How did she react to the poem and the rose? At any rate, this is very good, thanks for sharing it.

  2. oh i love this…..
    i’m,glad you saw my blog, so now I can follow yours…
    keep trying, all you can do, keep courting….

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