An Audible Voice Illuminates a Nations Shame

Childhood trauma, in whatever form it takes, extinguishes one’s voice. As the soul fractures and paralysis prevails, an audible voice can no longer be heard. It becomes cast in fear, shame, confusion and a sense of loss. Now, weighted under undefinable conflict and bound by shame, the child marches on in life. A veritable time bomb, highly susceptible to substance abuse and a wide spectrum of mental illness, awaits the adult.

A lunar eclipse has begun and is visible in our atmosphere. I am going to watch this event because I love nature and I love the universe. I love the innocence and the vulnerability that nature embraces. It too, has no voice, only beauty, innocence and awe.

Here is what NASA says about this cosmic event . “A lunar eclipse occurs when Earth is directly between the sun and the moon, blocking the sun’s rays and casting a shadow on the moon. As the moon moves deeper and deeper into Earth’s shadow, the moon changes color before your very eyes, turning from gray to an orange or deep shade of red,” the NASA website said.

The description put forth by NASA sounds akin to the trauma and the ensuing shame that abandonment of the mind, body and soul experience during the act of abuse. Waxing poetically, the child could be likened to the moon in this instance.

I want to give an audible voice to childhood trauma and illuminate the devastating impact it has on the human soul. Who could possibly touch a child inappropriately if they knew, to any degree, what the long-term destructive impact most likely will be to that innocent child.

Our world is abuzz right now in conflict, watching the sexual abuse scandals unfold in two major college campuses. I can only imagine the gamut of emotions being felt by so many. Mulling over the actual physical act of violating an innocent child. Thinking about your own children, a relative, a neighborhood boy or girl walking past your house each morning with a smile. Maybe even the child that you once were.

The voice of childhood trauma has made an audible sound this past two months. Perhaps this might be the unifying force that reunites a fractured nation such as ours is at the present.

I believe that all human being’s yearn linkage and loyalty to a cause that defines us and gives us a sense of purpose. So, why not look into your own soul. Think about how you can help raise the tenor of the pitch, to a degree that we all can become more aware and act on what is often called “Our Nations Shame!”

Perhaps then we will mobilize as a nation, remove ourselves from partisan bickering and positioning that we all find disgusting, yet take part in, and we do something that is good for the soul.

Author: iceman18

For many years, I worked hard to build a charmed life. I had been living that life to the fullest until the time came when I took a precipitous fall into the abyss of alcoholism. Unwittingly, I claimed my family as hostages and took them right along with me. I survived addiction and have been in recovery since February 9, 2007. Since that time I have been working courageously to face down "the ghost" and eliminate the demons of my past. I find that writing My Story has had great therapeutic value. If along the way, my experience can help one person, or maybe even more, well....that would be pretty awesome. I also pray that my blog will help illuminate the generational cycle of child abuse that continues to plague our society today. By bringing awareness to what is often called "Our Nations Shame" I have faith that one day soon we will witness real progress toward the illumination and understanding of child abuse, followed by its eradication from the under belly of mankind. I have faith! But, faith without works is dead. I pray everyday for the strength, the courage, and the resolve, to take action!

6 thoughts on “An Audible Voice Illuminates a Nations Shame”

  1. This. Is. Amazing. Very hard to read at moments, but all so true and eloquently written. This is a page to add to the “book of my soul” as it is profound.

    Thank you for sharing this. I don’t know how you pulled this out of yourself, but it’s what I wish I could have said but could never have found such an incredible way to put it. Wonderful, thank you again!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. My son came home at 1am and told me about the lunar eclipse that was about to occur. I went outside and looked up into the sky. Realized that I hadn’t star gazed in awhile and was excited for the eclispe which was a couple hours a from occurring. After about 5 minutes I went back inside and wrote my post without stopping. I turned on proofread, corrected 5 misspelled words, one sentence structure, one passive use of words, and hit publish.

      The overarching story is that, for the past week, I have been processing the anger inside of me that I have lived with for so long. Never even was aware it was there. Always baffled when my therapist brought up the subject. I touched my soul when that anger was processed and passed. I think I put the last big stitch in my soul. That is what it felt like. I shook uncontrollably and on the verge of a panic attack. Having experienced this before when I processed each episode of my childhood abuse, I held onto the thought of my family, my friends and my therapist. Once I recovered, I went inside and wrote.

      I am very happy that you read my post and commented. Thank you.

  2. Most of my life I endured abuse, I shoved it down and never spoke of it. Secrets I placed in shiny packages and pushed them deep into my soul. Only the angels who walk among me knew my stories. It was only recently that I decided to give my secrets away. Keeping pain like that bottled up inside will literally kill you, I know because it is eating me away. I find much solace in your post, it reminds me why I’ve decided to give my secrets to the world. Thank you for your post. Knowing there are people out there who care make me think that my life mattered, if even for a moment.

    1. I understand you Angles. And, I’m sure that you have heard that we are only as sick as our secrets. And I am sure that you have heard that the truth will set you free.

      When you’ve had and harbored these secrets all of your life, letting go and revealing them is not at all an easy thing to do. After 50 years of living, I have found the courage to bravely let them go.

      The incredible feelings that I have revered in the past few days, I still don’t have words for. Actually, I do have those words and I am writing them down.

      More is being revealed to me each day. I have worked extremely hard for this. Now I hope that I can give back to all of those that willingly helped me.

      I pray that your Angels can take you there when you are ready.

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